What options are there for keto diet tacos, you ask? You’ve come to the right place! I had the same problem when I first started keto, and now that I’ve been at it for a while, I can’t believe how many options there are for keto tacos!

And boy do I have options for you! I’ll show you what you can use for a low carb tortilla option, what toppings will work on keto, and I’ll even give you some great protein option recipes for the taco meat. Let’s get started!

Keto Diet Tacos

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Keto Taco Protein Options: The Meat of the Matter

The meat in tacos is sort of the main feature of the meal for most people. There are so many options! Here are some of my absolute favorites.

Keto Sweet Pork

Remember that tasty sweet prok you get at Cafe Rio or Coasta Vida? Now it’s got a keto version! This keto sweet pork is great on so many dishes, and that includes keto diet tacos.

Keto Sweet pork for tacos, IP or slow cooker

This keto pork is also yummy on a Keto Sweet Pork Salad with Tomatillo Dressing!

Super Keto Taco Meat

We couldn’t be talking tacos if we didn’t mention our favorite ground beef taco meat!

This taco meat has a lot of character. It’s packed full of flavors you have sitting around your kitchen, but might not have thought to include in your taco meat, like tomato paste and mayo.

Sounds intriguing? Your taste buds won’t let you down!

Keto Super Taco Meat for keto diet tacos protein option

This keto taco meat comes with a whole list of its own recipes to use it in! Try one of these along with your keto tacos:

Low Carb Mexican Pizza (Bubble Casserole)

Keto Taco Salad (chopped)

Instant Pot Taco Omelet

Keto Taco Casserole with Cabbage

3-Layer Mexican Dip

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Keto Friendly Tortilla Options

The tortilla part is probably the most difficult at first when you start keto. It’s extremely difficult to find a keto tortilla that has the same properties as a gluten-filled flour tortilla. But I have a few options for you to choose from!

Taco Avocado Boats–Keto Stuffed Avocados!

These taco avocados are genius! Instead of topping your taco with avocados, just slice the avocado in half and make a taco avocado boat.

You can eat them as-is, or bake in the oven for a few minutes to melt the cheese and make the avocado warm and creamy.

Taco stuffed avocados - avocado tortilla for low carb keto tacos

If you haven’t tried baking an avocado yet, this is the recipe to try it on! The first question I usually get asked is, “Does that make the avocado brown?” The answer is no, it doesn’t. (Check out the photo below.)

At the right temperature and baked for just a short amount of time, baking the avocado just makes it warm and creamy (and delicious!).

Tip: Place the avocado on a muffin tin to bake so that the halves don’t tip over and spill the filling out.

baked stuffed avocados - keto taco tortilla options

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Keto Lettuce Wraps (Taco-style!)

And the absolute easiest keto taco award goes to….the Keto Lettuce Wrap Tacos!

Could there possibly be anything easier than swapping out a tortilla for a leaf of lettuce? I used romaine here, but you can use any other leaf lettuce, like butter lettuces, to put your taco toppings in.

Easy Keto Lettuce Wrap Tacos for keto diet tacos keto tortilla options

Keto Taco Toppings

Now that you’ve planned out your keto taco protein and your keto tortilla options, the only question is, what will you top your tacos with now? Try some of these keto-approved taco toppings:

Veggies for Keto Diet Tacos:

Here’s a list of vegetables (and technically some fruits) you can use for keto taco toppings, along with the grams of carbs per tablespoon.

  • Shredded lettuce – .2 g / tablespoon (romaine)
  • Avocados – 1.3 g
  • Diced tomatoes – .9 g
  • Chopped onion – .9 g
  • Diced green onion – .5 g
  • Cilantro – .04 g
  • Black Olives – .5 g
  • Jalapeño peppers – .33 g
  • Diced bell pepper – .6 g
  • Lime juice – .01 g per 1/4 tsp

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These are common condiments for tacos that are also usually keto friendly (check the recipe ingredients to be sure!). The carbs aren’t provided for these, since recipes vary.


  • Mexican blend (usually has a combo of monterey jack, cheddar, colby jack, and others)
  • Cotija cheese
  • Queso Fresco

Enjoy your keto diet tacos! Let me know in the comments how you decided to make your low carb tacos!

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